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Schedule for August 2015 Hackathon

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  • Difference between HMC and other organizations
Megan R
  • Social Media - FB? Twitter? Etc.
  • Origin Story - How did the group get started? Who started it? Where did the name come from?
  • Links directing user to easily get involved
  • Newsletter signup
  • Event information - Ex. When is the next event?
  • User feedback and success stories?
  • Elements that address newbie fears
  • Class levels available through the community
  • Reasons why a beginner/expert should join
  • Vocabulary list on topics
  • Jobs board
  • More pictures vs text on HMC mobile app
  • FAQ - Ex. Information on how long it takes to get approved?
  • Member login page - What would be desirable in a members portal?
  • Resources - online instructions/classes, code samples, tutorials, how to continue education, resources, other local groups, other communities
  • Challenges and competitions with prizes
  • Example projects – What have people built?
  • Networking opportunities – List of local resources.
  • Becoming a teacher - Formal information on how to become a teacher, such as an instruction/qualification packet
  • Member messaging system
  • Message board - Help find other members to go to relevant meet-ups
  • Formalized space
  • Sponsorship - Info on how sponsors can help HMC
  • Cancellation system
  • Example career paths
  • Create a reward system for students
  • Understanding the women's shared experience
  • Section dedicated to other local events
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  • Personal Branding for the Job You Want
If you’re looking for a better job, you want your potential boss at your ideal company to associate your personal brand with something that she needs on her team.
What's your story?
  • Elevator pitch
  • so: tell me a little about yourself
  • notes:
  • "transition language"
  • "passionate about..."
  • Volunteer work 
  • Messaging 
  • Your unique value proposition 
  • Engaging with your community
  • Stay safe out there!
  • Branding with Counterintelligence In Mind  
  • Let's Talk SEO
What appears in your top 10 google search results? Are you happy with the results?
Social Media Channels 
(what does your targeted communtiy use?)
  • Twitter
  • background photo
  • profile photo (same as your LinkedIn photo? it depends)
  • LinkedIn
  • photo/no photo
  • background photo
  • writing effective tagline (if it's not just listing your job)
  • messaging for career changes
  • strategic communications
  • AboutMe
  • GitHub
  • HackerNews
  • Resources
  • Google Apps for email
  • your favorite domain name registrar 
  • Canva
  • Twitter Cover Photo - 1500px by 500px
  • Linkedin cover photo -  1400px x 425px 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Personal websites
  • <3 squarespace
  • About.Me
  • Wix
  • or build your own later today!
  • Google Alerts 
  • VistaPrint/Moo.com for cheap/great business cards 
  • Pixlr Online Photo Editor 
  • Next Steps and Helpful Links
  • www.canva.com`
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Catherine D If you are interested in helping beyond this Hackathon, please bookmark my Github page and check in to see how you can help!
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Try It:
Lindsay Y FEC API documentation:
Sunlight Foundation
json Viewer for Chrome:
Python Class on Lindsay's Github (brought up as an example of how to call an API in python)
Here is some python code that makes a API call:
Python requests library: 
There was a question about REST APIs and This is a good article explaining that http://www.mashery.com/blog/what-restful-api
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  • Georgia Bullen -- I worked with the CitySDK tool and modified an example to output
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Caitlin W Stakeholder Notes
Users Attributes
  • People who can help the user directly
  • Barriers to getting to the site
  • Barriers on the site
  • User characteristics
  • Circumstances
  • Other people who could be interested in the site
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  • Making your data, research, or code reusable with Autotune (Kavya Sukumar)
  • SPEED MENTORING!!! Like speed dating, but mentoring. Oh, yeah. It will be awesome. (Leah Bannon and Krystal Atha)
4:30 pm - 5:20 pm class
  • North: Defense Against The Dark Arts: Fighting and Allying Against Internet Trolls (Annalee Flower-Horne)
  • Hosted by DCFemTech near the hackathon space (location TBD).
9pm After after party!!

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