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Schedule for August 2015 Hackathon
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both as a process and as an output
Use the hashtag techlady
If you haven't been invited to slack yet, email leahbannon@gmail.com
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Add jargon to this list!
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  • Nature: Your North Star! What is the difference between today and what could be? (One sentence!)
  • We have the opportunity to connect powerfully around the things that matter most to us. Social media could help us build new relationships based on meaningful connections and actually get things done to improve the world instead of maintaining existing connections.
  • Opportunity: So what?! What could be better about the world? (One sentence!)
  • People can easily build their skills and create relationships in a meaningful way that makes the world a better place.
  • The Connected Potential app would create a new way for people to connect and build professional relationships with new people in a meaningful way that builds their skills and contributes positively to the world
  • Constraints: What could get in the way? (Bulleted list)
  • Cultural constraints: Difficulty with changing people‚Äôs mindsets regarding how we currently use social media
  • Technical constraints: Complications with actually building the app and achieving the functionality that will be most beneficial to users
  • Size constraints: If not enough people sign up initially then early users might get frustrated by the lack of relevant users and stop using the app 
  • Purpose: People might use the app for the wrong reasons (ex. to promote themselves, take advantage of people looking to gain experience, creepy people), due to lack of quality control people might start using the app for a purpose different from the original intent  

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