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Sarah Grant

858 days ago
Regina L Rebuilding Re-Entry 
Laurin H www.mission-launch.org | www.RebuildingReentry.com | Twitter.com/citizensreturn #RebuildingReentry | Lead: Laurin Hodge Twitter: @TheLauriNicole 
Rebuilding re-entry is improving outcomes for women and men with arrest and conviction records in the Washington, D.C. – Baltimore Metropolitan region. Today we are working on finding and cleaning data, and then visualizing and mapping it.
Regina L There was a previous rebuilding re-entry hackathon, and there will be another hackathon in October. Today, we'll fill in some of the missing data for DC to prepare for October.
City S Team Mission/Goal
Laurin H
  1. Locate data sets  to answer: 
  • How many people come "home" daily or monthly to DC from prison or jail?
  • Where do they land first?
  • What service providers are tapped within the first year of release 
  • What gaps in needs being met exist in DC 
Cases for use... 
  • DC government agencies hoping to identify the gaps between community/individual needs and service providers equipped to meet those needs 
  • DC service providers looking to predict the number of women and men being sent to the city after prison/jail release 
  • DC probation/parole officers looking to identify local or state resources for clients 
  • Data on criminal records sealing/expungement in the city - this will go to make the case for the Clean Slate software built with Code for DC 
  • Data on general employment, hiring and/or data on "ban the box" in the city - this will go to helps us build a visual on the variable in regards to re-entry friendliness and workforce outcomes 
  • General DC API codes - we may just find some random overlaps  
Georgia B Needs: Stuff that would help a lot!
  1.  Visual / Explanation about "How the system works"
  1. Federal --> State --> Local
  1. Agencies, processes, data
  1. Visual explanation: What people need when they get home (re-entry)
  1. Data Hunting:
  1. What is where?
  1. What is missing?
Laurin H Abbreviations 
  • BOP - Bureau of Prisons 
  • DOL - Department of Labor sheena Thomas
Marjorie R
  • DPSCS - Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
Laurin H
  • REXO - Reintegration of Ex-Offenders
  • PDS - Public Defender Services 
Marjorie R
  • OCMS - Offender Case Management System
  • MDCSL - Maryland Community Services Locator
Suellen F
  • CSOSA - Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
Laurin H
  • DCPS - DC Public Defenders Services 
  • food desert - parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas. This is largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers' markets, and healthy food providers.
Suellen F
  • "ban the box" - law that prohibits District employers from making inquiries into an applicant’s arrests, criminal convictions, or accusations during the initial phases of the hiring process. Became effective December 17, 2014.
City S The Project Activity
Laurin H Ideal... 
  • Data creation 
Kim L
  • Data harvesting
Laurin H
  • Data analysis 
Kim L
  • Data visualization
Laurin H What Social Indicators Impact Crime Rates in DC
  1. Map DC neighborhoods 
  1. Map 
  1. Where did you land, once released? Halfway house? Home? 
Laurin H Step 1: What exists? 
  • Look at the Census API: Total Population in Group Quarters is B26001001
Katya N
  • Maryland code is 24
  • total population in group quarters (2012 ACS) for MD: 139,862
  • total population in group quarters (2012 ACS) for DC: 39,880
Georgia B
  • Georgia Bullen -- I worked with the CitySDK tool and modified an example to output
Laurin H
  • Search at the Bureau of Prisons for data sets about current inmate data, to see if there is information on release dates and release locations 
Laurin H
  • Search for Maryland StateState Re-entry stats, for data on the # of formerly incarcerated in the state and any predictive indicators for Baltimore 
Laurin H
  • Search for DC Re-entry stats, for data on the # of formerly incarcerated and any predictive indicators for Baltimore
  • FOIA requests to CSOSA: Sheila Stokes, General Counsel, Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, 633 Indiana Avenue, NW, Room 1374, Washington, DC 20004, (202) 220-5338 (office), (202) 220-5315 (fax), Sheila.Stokes@csosa.gov
Laurin H
  • Search for Department of Labor, RECXO (Re-entry of Ex-Offender) 
Lizzie E
Laurin H
  • Search for DC datasets on re-entry population 
Laurin H
  • Search for DC servicer providers, begin to get an idea of the landscape of those who can meet needs

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