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Georgia Bullen

857 days ago
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  • Georgia Bullen -- I worked with the CitySDK tool and modified an example to output
858 days ago
Kate P Data Visualization 
Georgia B both as a process and as an output
Use the hashtag techlady
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Georgia B -----------------------------------
Georgia B dictionaries are a good practice, sometimes you'll see this as row2 in a spreadsheet, where row1 is column names
sometimes it's a separate doc or tab in a spreadsheet
IMPORTANT to read because you might guess what the data is incorrectly because everyone creates different shortcuts/shortened names!
Kate P Tools: 
Amanda G Open Refine http://openrefine.org/ (for cleaning messy data)
Sublime Text: https://www.sublimetext.com/ (text editor for code, data files like CSV, and more)
Georgia B JSON to CSV Converter: http://konklone.io/json/
Pivot Tables
Creating summaries of data to figure out what you have, clean data, or look for patterns that help you analyze/join other datasets/etc
Kareen C Examples:
Katherine G Trulia's house hunting visualization by time: http://www.trulia.com/vis/tru247/
Georgia B
  • Basically a heat map of a pivot tables (use conditional formatting on your pivot table to create a heat map!)
Lizzie E Vocab/Concepts/Glossary:
Kareen C
  • pivot table: a data summarization tool,  can automatically sort, count, sum, add percentages, or give the average of the data stored in one table or spreadsheet, displaying the results in a second table showing the summarized data
Georgia B
  • CSV - comma separated value
  • machine readable data
Lizzie E
  • facet: an element of a category that helps refine the search (ex: "blackout curtains", "sheer curtains", "panel curtains" are all facets to help you search for curtains)
  • metadata: description of what the data is, what format the data comes in (fields that tell you what this is and what you can do with it)
Sophia L Other Viz Resources
Visualization Tools
1236 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sandy Avriette , Georgia Bullen 1236 days ago
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