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Caitlin Weber

858 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Caitlin Weber , Olivia Cheng , Alice Goldfarb 858 days ago
Caitlin W Design Research Workshop: Clean Slate DC
Olivia C Led by Caitlin (@caitlinweber) and Olivia(@heyits0livia)
How might we produce a user interview project plan?
Olivia C
  • Introduction
Caitlin W
  • Realistic circumstances and constraints (Stakeholder interviews)
Olivia C
  • What is design research?
Caitlin W
  • Here's a project you know nothing about. Can you help?
  • What is the project?
  • Who's working on it?
  • Where do they think they are with the project?
  • What they think they need?  (UX work)
If we had more time, we would conduct stakeholder interviews with the developer (Briane) and project owner/attorney (Shannon).
Olivia C
  • You can't validate whether something works against nothing
We don't know enough about our users to test— we can't jumping into UX design refinement, or usability testing. (Because we'll be testing against our own assumptions based on our own mental models).
Today we'll produce a user interview plan and learn about the human element of conducting user interviews. At the end of this session we will have a full fledged plan to pass off to the people working on the project to implement—they'll be able to go out and conduct these user interviews.
Caitlin W Or maybe you'll want to volunteer to help!
  • User Interviews
  • Why do you need these?
  • User interviews are different from usability testing.
  • Need to know what you're users actually need.
What is Clean Slate DC?
  • Have Lauren introduce the project
  • Clean Slate DC is a resource to assist users in determining IF and WHEN an arrest, charge or conviction on a D.C. criminal record MAY be eligible for sealing or for fixing errors on your record.
Identify types of users
Olivia C
  • Brainstorm types of users
  • Review
Caitlin W Craft user questions
  • What do you want know? (stickies)
Olivia C
  • Brainstorm questions
Caitlin W
  • Dot vote on user questions
  • How to ask those questions to get stories instead of one word answers
Olivia C Conducting user interviews
  • Where/environment
  • Making sure people are comfortable
  • Compensation
  • Roles: Primary Interviewer, Notetaker
  • Consent/anonymity agreement
  • Taking photos (for memory)
  • Nuances of facilitating responses (allowing pauses, "mms")
  • Closing
We should now have a working plan to pass off to the people working on the project to implement—they'll be able to go out and conduct these user interviews. The analysis and results of these user interviews will result in:
  • Concrete user needs/user stories
  • Identifying pain points to alleviate
  • Identifying problems to test
  • Resources
Design Research Is is a resource (in progress) that is being worked on in the open to collect techniques, resources and case studies/context for human centered design research. We'll be adding to it after this workshop and are planning to do a soft launch later next week. Keep an eye out for it!
Caitlin W
  • Just Enough Research
User Interview Consent Form
This study is about understanding opinions and perspectives on __________. We seek to understand the emotions, motivations, pain points and successes of __________ in order to inform and inspire our work at/on __________.
Your participation in the study is strictly voluntary. You may refuse to answer questions or carry out tasks and may end your participation at any time.
We may be photographing some of your computer screens, mobile phone screens, your home and yourself during this study. All of our conversations and images from this session will be kept confidential. All data will be used only by us as part of our research.
We will keep your name and all other identifying information about you confidential, it will not be associated with your data. In fact, you can choose the fictitious name that we use to identify you. We may share quotes and photographs with other members of our research team now or for future projects on the same theme.
If you have any questions about the research, you may telephone __________ at __________ or email __________@__________. If you agree to take part in the research, please sign the form below and keep the other copy of this agreement for your future reference.
____  In exchange for your participation you will receive $__________.
I have read and uphold all the statements made in this consent form.
_______________________________          _______________
Researcher signature                                     Date
I have read this consent form and I agree to take part in this research.
_______________________________          _______________
Participant Signature                                       Date
858 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Caitlin Weber 858 days ago
Caitlin W Stakeholder Notes
Users Attributes
  • People who can help the user directly
  • Barriers to getting to the site
  • Barriers on the site
  • User characteristics
  • Circumstances
  • Other people who could be interested in the site
858 days ago
Leah B Tech Lady Hackathon 3 Schedule
Schedule for August 2015 Hackathon
  • Friday August 7
6:30pm Pre-party at Mapbox! RSVP here.
  • Saturday August 8
Schedule for the day
Classes in italics are waiting on final confirmation of time.
9:30 am - 10:00 am 
  • arrive, breakfast & coffee
10:10 am - 10:30 am
  • intro, announcements, pitches, ice breaking
10:30 am
Break into hackathon projects or choose a classroom: List of Hackathon Projects. Workshops are located in the main hackathon space.
10:45 am - 11:35 am class
  • North Classroom: Intro to APIs and hands on with political $$$ data (Lindsay Young)
  • Workshops: 
  • How to redesign a website and hands on with redesigning hearmecode.com (Shannon Turner)
11:45 am - 12:35 pm class
  • South: Intro to GitHub (and build your own personal website in 15 minutes using Cloud9/Koding + Github Pages) (Alexandra Ulsh)
  • Workshops: 
12:30 pm - 1:20 pm: LUNCH
1:30 pm - 2:20 pm class 
  • Workshops: 
  • Intro to tech jargon and hackathons, basic overview of what coding is, and help picking a project or class (Leah Bannon) (same thing, second time)
  • Applying your new data viz and mapping skills and hands on with Rebuilding Re-Entry (Laurin Hodge)
2:30 pm - 3:20 pm class
  • Workshops: 
  • How to organize your own Tech Lady Hackathon (Leah Bannon)
  • Creating blueprints for Autotune (Kavya Sukumar)
3:30 pm - 4:20 pm class
  • North: Intro to Ruby/Rails (Katherine McClintic)
  • South: Intro to R (Christina Brady)
  • Workshops: 
  • Building a portfolio and getting a job once you start learning to code (Shannon Turner)
4:30 pm - 5:20 pm class
  • North: Defense Against The Dark Arts: Fighting and Allying Against Internet Trolls (Annalee Flower-Horne)
  • Workshops: 
5:30 pm Wrap up
5:45 pm After party!
  • Hosted by DCFemTech near the hackathon space (location TBD).

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