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Leah Bannon

712 days ago
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  • Making your data, research, or code reusable with Autotune (Kavya Sukumar)
  • SPEED MENTORING!!! Like speed dating, but mentoring. Oh, yeah. It will be awesome. (Leah Bannon and Krystal Atha)
4:30 pm - 5:20 pm class
  • North: Defense Against The Dark Arts: Fighting and Allying Against Internet Trolls (Annalee Flower-Horne)
  • Hosted by DCFemTech near the hackathon space (location TBD).
9pm After after party!!
1091 days ago
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December 2013 Techlady Home
718 days ago
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Leah B Clean Slate DC
  • Short project summary: A simple website for people trying to navigate the process of having their criminal record sealed in DC.
Code for America Civic Issues Finder: Grab bag of projects!
  • Short project summary: We're helping brigades across the country by picking up issues from the Civic Issues Finder. Code for America pulls a list of all the issues from across the brigades and a few government agencies tagged with "help wanted." 
  • Project leads: 
  • Skills needed: Any
713 days ago
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How to organize your own Tech Lady Hackathon
Leah B Hackathons in general:
Tech Lady Hackathon:
713 days ago
Intro to tech jargon and hackathons
Leah B Add jargon to this list!
Suellen F
  • Front end - what you see - text, colors, presentation. HTML, CSS, some javascript
  • Back end - databases. Python, Ruby on Rails, some javascript
Amanda K
  • Full stack - Can do front end and back end
Kat T
  • HackPad...
  • API
  • PDF(why is this un-useful)
  • Open Source 
  • Open Data
  • GitHub
  • Code: These are languages.  Python, Ruby, C++ are similar to Spanish, Mandarin, French... they are different ways to communicate but have basic structures that can be translated one to another.  Like any language some are more adept at describing different ideas.  E.G. HTML for Webpages
How do I learn more - Courses & Communities
Leah B Code for DC - codefordc.org
Hear Me Code - hearmecode.com
Women Who Code
International Open Data Day: dc.opendataday.org
Transparency Camp transparencycamp.org
What is a Hackathon
Has evolved over the years.  You'll hear many word salad variations: appathon, coder dojo, data community day... Any of these are based on the core components of:  Tech, Volunteers, Event.
  1. What is a basic structure of a hackathon?
  1. Training
  1. Hacking
  1. Why a hackathon
  1. Start with solving a problem.  Can structure your hackathon around how to address that specific problem.  And often there are multiple pathways to solve that problem.
  1. Who owns the product?
  1. Preference is for a hackathon that has an open source or creative commons license.  Some corporations will use a hackathon to develop a proprietary product.  These often come with prize money at the end and required signing of an NDA(Non-disclosure agreement)
Slack List:
713 days ago
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Tech Groups in DC
Leah B Add groups here!
Code for DC - codefordc.org
Hear Me Code - hearmecode.com
Women Who Code
713 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Leah Bannon , Sophia B Liu 713 days ago
Use the hashtag techlady
Leah B If you haven't been invited to slack yet, email leahbannon@gmail.com

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