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Catherine Dodge

694 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Catherine Dodge 694 days ago
Catherine D If you are interested in helping beyond this Hackathon, please bookmark my Github page and check in to see how you can help!
713 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Catherine Dodge , Sophia B Liu , Jessie Link , Regina Lam 713 days ago
  • Skills needed: data
Regina L
  • Collaborate here (We're in the far corner by the windows!):
  • Skills needed: Any
Catherine D Mapping MCPS: Understanding our schools
  • Short project summary:  The Montgomery County Public School system has a reputation for having "good schools" but what does that really mean? MCPS publishes data about the school system, but its all locked in PDF. And once we unlock it, what questions do we want to be able to answer?
  • Today, we're working on:  We have shape files, so cool maps are the next step. Help me figure out Mapbox, or learn it with me.  Go to our hackpad for more details
  • Project leads: Catherine Dodge (I'm not there yet, at home writing this, be there at 10:45!)
  • Skills needed: the Patience for moving data from PDF to spreadsheet (if every person at the hackathon copied two school's data, we'd be done!), taking shape files and a spreadsheet of data
Sophia L Visualizing USGS Data on Fracking, Critical Minerals, Toxic Contamination
  • Short Project Summary: The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) develops comprehensive datasets related to energy, minerals, and environmental health. However, we do not do a good job communicating our science to the general public and we do not make our data consumable to tech-savvy crowds by making our data more machine-readable. We need your help to show how we can visualize and tell better stories with our USGS data related to the lifecycle of hydraulic fracturing, critical minerals like rare earth elements, and toxic contamination sources after extreme storms like Hurricane Sandy.
  • Today, we're working on: Developing data visualizations, interactive maps, infographics; providing recommendations on how USGS can make their data more consumable for hackathons
  • Project Lead: Sophia B Liu, sophialiu@usgs.gov, 630-729-4216 (cell)
  • Skills Needed: Designers, Developers, Data Scientists, Concerned Citizens
  • Collaborate Here:
Jessie L Fairfax Humane Society webpage redesign
  • Short project summary:  The Fairfax Humane society needs a new, modern and beautiful website. This project started last weekend at the Ruby for Good hackathon, where we stood up a brand new Rails driven CMS (content management system) for the client. 
  • Today, we're working on:   Clean up of the code, visual tweaks, etc. It's a small project, but if you want to hang out and hack with me a bit on this project, come find me.
Leah B
  • Project leads: Jessie Link
Jessie L
  • Skills needed: Rails, HTML, CSS

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