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Mariana Lungu

414 days ago
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  • Difference between HMC and other organizations
Megan R
  • Social Media - FB? Twitter? Etc.
  • Origin Story - How did the group get started? Who started it? Where did the name come from?
  • Links directing user to easily get involved
  • Newsletter signup
  • Event information - Ex. When is the next event?
  • User feedback and success stories?
  • Elements that address newbie fears
  • Class levels available through the community
  • Reasons why a beginner/expert should join
  • Vocabulary list on topics
  • Jobs board
  • More pictures vs text on HMC mobile app
  • FAQ - Ex. Information on how long it takes to get approved?
  • Member login page - What would be desirable in a members portal?
  • Resources - online instructions/classes, code samples, tutorials, how to continue education, resources, other local groups, other communities
  • Challenges and competitions with prizes
  • Example projects – What have people built?
  • Networking opportunities – List of local resources.
  • Becoming a teacher - Formal information on how to become a teacher, such as an instruction/qualification packet
  • Member messaging system
  • Message board - Help find other members to go to relevant meet-ups
  • Formalized space
  • Sponsorship - Info on how sponsors can help HMC
  • Cancellation system
  • Example career paths
  • Create a reward system for students
  • Understanding the women's shared experience
  • Section dedicated to other local events

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